From Canonista via DPReview
A spanish sites claims to have the specs for the upcoming 60D.

24p & 30p HD (It lists 36fps, I'm assuming typo)
Announced February 4, 2010.

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  1. Hmm, I hope the noise perf is good. I mean, 18mp on APS-C… what on earth! :P

    But the video is really not bad. Com[arable to 7D and 5Dii standards? Well I can see loads of people buying it solely for the video, eg those who are into filming [like me] and want something in between camcorders and shoulder-mounted video cameras… Heh.

    I really really really hope to see good still image performance too!

  2. I have looked at many images of the 7D and many of them look soft. Run thru flickr and see what people are shooting and more are OOF/soft than not.

    I would love to have 18MP (would prefer it on a FF though), but not if the images tend to be softer than other cameras.

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