First Confirmed Announcement
Canon will be making an announcement February 9, 2010.

No word yet on what will be announced. Expect two different announcement dates.


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  1. Dear Charles Bronson, I found in another post something you can clarify your doubts.

    Go to Table “Diffraction Limit Calculator”, enter the parameters of the 7D and play with the aperture values, print size, vision distance, etc., then you can see what is the maximum print size without affecting the diffraction limit.

    You can see that the diffraction limit is always present, but only becomes visible in big enlargements.
    For example, a photo of a Nikon D700 (12.1MP FF) @ f/2.8, enlarged to 35 “, seen at 10 cm., already are visible the effects of diffraction limit.

    I hope that will be useful for you.

  2. 500D could use sRAW if that could be added with a firmware update. Shooting at normal RAW makes big files.

  3. Georgie Porgie on

    I’m guessing that one will be the long overdue EF 50mm F/1.4 USM-II as the logical response to Nikons new 50mm F/1.4 (Nikon recently brought out a killer new 70-200 F/2.8, Canon quickly followed suit).

    The other will be a new EOS 1Ds Mk-IV with anywhere from 26.6 Mega-pixels (same density as the ID Mk-IV), to as high as 46.6 mega-pixels – same density as the 7D. I would expect such a camera to pick up the pace on frame rates, possibly including 2K or even 6K video. Red’s full frame digital video/still cameras with full frame 36mm x 24mm 24 mega-pixel sensors (all the way up to 6x17cm 251 mega-pixels!)will soon overwhelm Canon and Nikon in the Professional arena with frame rates as high as 120 FPS! With these babies the pro photographer will never miss the perfect shot because he/she captures everything then picks the frames they want to print! They have adapters for both Canon and Nikon glass too! Canon knows it and will be trying to get out in front of it… I hope…

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