…. at least they didn't go Celine.
So Canon Canada and Avril Lavigne have teamed up to shoot like a star! I'm thinking picking Avril 3-4 years ago would have been better.


Go there… enter the contest. Win stuff.


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  1. I’m probably dating myself here, but Canon’s been using celebrities for years. One I can think of is Andre Agassi hawking Canon stuff way back when he had hair. :) I think it was a Rebel (maybe even FILM) but it was definitely canon stuff.

  2. Andre was film rebels, because he was a *gasp* rebel! Oh they are so creative.

    Back to the point, it does seem like this promotion is aimed more at the snap happy tween point and shoot market. STILL! Avril is sooo 5 years ago that it makes me wonder if someone knows what’s going on over there in the marketing department.

  3. Avril is from Canada, perhaps that is the connection. I have not seen the ads in the States but, I don’t watch very much TV.

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