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Canon Canada goes Avril…

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…. at least they didn’t go Celine.
So Canon Canada and Avril Lavigne have teamed up to shoot like a star! I’m thinking picking Avril 3-4 years ago would have been better.

Go there… enter the contest. Win stuff.


10 responses to “Canon Canada goes Avril…”

  1. I remember seeing in the TV ad that Avril was holding the XSi like a point and shoot. It got me mad.

  2. The only thing I hate more than celebrities hawking camera gear is old/irrelevant celebrities hawking camera gear? What Canon? Was Shanon Tweed not available?

  3. I don’t get it. 12-year-old girls don’t buy cameras. I can only assume that 40-year-old guys (the balding ones that sit in front of a computer surfing teenage chat rooms) are the market for this campaign. Problem is, they’ve already got a camera!

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