Don't be shocked to see Canon raise lens prices come Jan/Feb 2009 to offset currency issues. There will also be normal price increases because sell through rebates end on December 31, 2008. Camera bodies should be safe, as Canon will be winding down a bunch of models outside of the 50D and 5D2.

Powershots may see a 5% increase in dealer cost.


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  1. when this recession turns into full blown crisis you’ll have A LOT more to worry about than price increases on lenses

  2. Canadian lenses look like a bargain right now to those in the USA. With the rebates and exchange rate many of them cost much less (But I still can’t afford the $5000 ones)

  3. Spoke with a retailer today and it is true. They received a new price list and prices are going up. Unfortunately it was at closing time and there wasn’t time to make direct comparisons. New prices are effective January 2, 2009.

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