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Canon Canada Repair Replaces XS with XSi

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Free Upgrade!

xs - Canon Canada Repair Replaces XS with XSi
"Good-bye cruel world"

Canon Canada repair depot has replaced a broken XS with an XSi at no charge. The XS had a broken Main PCB assy(CG2-2259-000) and it was backordered for a month or so. Canon Canada sent a new XSi as a replacement.

This is probably a very good sign production of the XS has ceased and there’s probably low stock everywhere.

2000D/T1 excitement builds!


10 responses to “Canon Canada Repair Replaces XS with XSi”

  1. Actually, working at a retailer in Canada… We’re having extreme troubles with Canon stock levels here, and have been told that Canon is struggling at exporting the items from Asia. (I’m under the impression of customs, or economic reasoning, but I’m definitely not sure as to why)

  2. If the T1/2000D uses a 12 MP APS-C sensor (together with the latest sensor technologies) and an articulate screen, I will be VERY interested. :)

  3. Can you please use the euro names as well when posting info on the Reble series? I presume this is the 1000D yu are referring to, but the logic of the US names escapes me and I can’t remember what is what.

    Unless someone can explain the logic behind the names and I’ll be enlightened forever…

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