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This is what is going to be happening with pre-orders and the first shipment of 5D Mark II's.

Retailers have to prove there has been money exchanged from a customer for a pre-order.

1) Canon must receive a fax from the retailer proving money has been taken for the 5D Mark II. Sales receipts or whatever.

2) Once this has been done by retailers, then Canon will set the allocation as to which stores get what. No proof of preorder…. No camera shipment.

3) Canon must receive this information by Friday, November 14, 2008 or no cameras for you.

4) This basically assures no one is getting the $2799 pricing.

I'm unsure if this is Canada only, if anyone else from other areas of the planet have any info… please let me know.

Canon Canada updates web site
Canon Rumors and its loyal readers can take credit for making Canon Canada admit they have 1Ds Mark III's. It's now on the Canon Canada web site.

We're taking credit until Canon says otherwise.

1Ds Mark III



  1. the reports state that retail sales have been the lowest so far in october. with recession showing no sign of letting up either canon is just trying to squeeze the most out of its customers or plainly shooting themselves in the foot.
    if it really is the case and they don’t send cameras to stores unless people pre-order, i’m definitely switching to nikon, already got plenty of people interested in my canon equipment.

  2. The continuing saga of pre-orders..

    Okay, so I had a chance to hit up a couple of Blacks Photography stores in Calgary over the weekend. I asked them about how the pre-orders worked and both of them told me the same thing.

    “To pre-order you have to give us the full price of the camera. You are effectively buying the camera from the warehouse, right then and there (at whatever price it is listed at), and are just waiting for it to be delivered to you. This means we can not charge you more later.”

    in one store they looked up the camera in their system and apparently, Blacks Photography (Canada wide) has 25 on order, and only 15 people so far have taken advantage of pre-orders. I thought that was an insanely low number, but then I rationalized it. Not a heck of a lot of people are going to drop that kind of money on something they’re unsure about. That is, is it any good? when is it coming? etc.. In most cases, a pre-order is just a name on a list, and most sane people would rather just put their name on a list, or put a small deposit, rather than paying for the whole thing outright.

    I guess the ironic thing is, the somewhat insane act of paying that kind of money for something that has a huge question mark over it might actually pay off this time around, as (it seems) Canon is only shipping to people who have pre-orders with money already attached to it.

    Just thought I’d share my story.

    P.S. I would like to thank Canon Rumors for my (hopefully) cheap 5D MarkII! Reading this forum tipped me to the price increase, and prompted me to order with blacks because they still had the old price listed when everyone else had already jacked up their prices. Blacks raised their prices the very next day. Of course, I was taking a gamble and actually thinking that blacks would probably end up charging me more in the end, but hopefully the gamble pays off.


  3. Hey Keener,

    This also echos the feedback i’ve gotten from retailler here in Quebec. When asking around, I was told they expected unit to sit on the shelves as they did not sell all their allotment in pre-orders. One store also mentionned some people cancelled their pre-orders before and after the price went up. As far as dates, I was told in the next week but that Canon was not very reliable with dates…

  4. Blacks only has 15 orders nationwide on the camera because they are a stationary store. Most professionals order their professional cameras from a professional camera store like Vistek or Henry’s, who both have many hundreds of orders.

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