Get ready for savings
Camera sales have been a little bit soft since in September and all the manufacturers have noticed it. I'm told to expect fairly significant price drops to stimulate dSLR sales into November and December. There could also be price drops fairly soon for the new point and shoots.

Instant lens rebates are already in effect in Canada.

The 5D Mark II pricepoint will probably remain intact going by preorder sales.


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  1. In the last few days the UK price of the 50D has fallen from the initial £1200 to between around £1000/1100 depending on retailer. I’d say this is because it was too expensive vs the Euro price and way to much vs the D300 which is below £1000.

    Hopefully it will come down further if sales are soft and perhaps we’ll hit a cashback period soon so I can upgrade to it.

  2. Any idea what the prices of 40d are expected to drop to during the christmas sale… Thanks, Siddharth

  3. While I hope for price drops I would also be disappointed ’cause I just bought my first dSLR – a Canon 50d. I did score it with a $100 off plus 8% off and a free printer after rebate. not bad for two days after they started shipping. I was planning on waiting for the price to drop but I gotta help the economy – right.

    I will patiently wait for the new rebates to come for a speedlite. 430 EX II or 580 EXII?

  4. Anyone have any inklings about rebates on the 24-105 f/4 L? Is that lens ever on the rebate list? Is the rebate on an L significant like $100 or so?

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