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Canon Christmas Sales Expections

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Get ready for savings
Camera sales have been a little bit soft since in September and all the manufacturers have noticed it. I’m told to expect fairly significant price drops to stimulate dSLR sales into November and December. There could also be price drops fairly soon for the new point and shoots.

Instant lens rebates are already in effect in Canada.

The 5D Mark II pricepoint will probably remain intact going by preorder sales.


14 responses to “Canon Christmas Sales Expections”

  1. When is the instant rebate on lenses going to hit the rest of North America (i.e. The States)?

    So Justin, are you saying that if I wait to buy the EF 70-200L USM IS lens that it will drop in price?

  2. If the 50d hits anything close to $1000 by xmas – it will be a very merry xmas – assuming I don’t get fired between now and then :-D

  3. @MusahiX2

    Well given that the 70-200Ls almost always make the rebate list it would be a good bet that they will make this fall’s rebate list as well. You would be smart to at least wait a few weeks to see what makes the list. Beyond that, I think CanonRumors raises the point that global demand is slower for expensive camera gear right now. Couple that with a rising dollar, and if you are buying canon gear in the U.S. it would make sense to wait a month or 6 weeks before making a purchase.

  4. @Justin

    That was pretty much what I was planning on doing. I am at least waiting for the rebate to hit the U.S. Thanks for the advice.

  5. I see that RGB tech UK are selling the 5DMK2 for £1,800 body only inc VAT, which is £500 cheaper than most other retailers touting it at a crazy £2,300 with a free 8GB card and shite bag…yea right…that’s a GREAT deal…a free bag and a whole 8GB card…wow, that’s got to be worth it!!

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