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Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III is the next cinema camera coming [CR2]

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2019 has been a quiet year for Canon’s Cinema EOS lineup, with only the announcement of the long-awaited Cinema EOS C500 Mark II.

We have been told that the next cinema camera from Canon will be the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III. However, the information we’ve received about this camera contradicts what we were told previously.

The new information says the C300 Mark III will remain a 4K Super35 camera, but with a more modular design like we see with the C500 Mark II. There will be no 8K version of the camera like previously reported according to this source.

Now about 8K, a separate source claims that Canon will announce some kind of 8K offering in 2020, but that this camera will be “built to order” and not a retail consumer product.

As for a follow-up to the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II, we have been told a few times that there will be no direct replacement for that camera.