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Canon Cinema EOS related announcements coming ahead of IBC Show 2018

IBC Show 2018 in Amsterdam begins on September 13, 2018 and Canon will have a few Cinema EOS and broadcast announcements ahead of the show.

We’re told that Canon will announce new Cinema EOS accessories, but no new cameras. We weren’t told what sort of accessories to expect.

Canon will also announce a couple of broadcast lenses, but we don’t know the focal length of the lenses at this time.

We have been told that a new Cinema EOS camera body would be coming in 2018, and that it would be a C300 Mark III. However, we haven’t heard anything further about a possible new C300.

We find it odd that there is still nothing between the $10,000 EOS C300 Mark II and the $28,000 EOS C700, and we think that there probably should be.


I'm New Here
Sep 23, 2015
Wasn’t there a rumor about an XC-15 like Camera with replaceable lenses, any further news on such a camera?

Thanks for the amazing work... keep it up! ☺


Apr 29, 2012
If a new c300 came in at 16k I guess the question would then be how would it justify the cost...

It could add the c200s RAWlite, touchscreen, latest version of DPAF and better slo motion options to the c300 iis existing connectivity and 10bit codec, but would it really be worth almost as much as a c300 ii and a c200?

Maybe some new kind of sensor tech? Or higher resolution? Or clog4?

It does feel like a c100mkiii that was basically a c200 without cfast/raw would make more sense than this if there it doesnt go beyond hybridising the c200 and c300ii.


I'm New Here
Sep 23, 2015
Yes, that information is still correct we believe. However, such a camera won't be announced for IBC and we cannot confirm a 2018 arrival. The big NAB show is in April 2019.
Thank you, I’m looking forward to this update. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Z-Channel Films
Sep 7, 2018
As a long-time owner/operator of the C300 Mark I who skipped the II, I had been holding out for a while for the III. But I finally caved and got the Panasonic EVA1 last spring after nothing was announced at NAB 2018. At this point, whatever the III might have in terms of specs it is hard to see how it will surpass what is already being offered in the Fs7 II and EVA1, except being a couple years behind. Especially if the $16k prediction ends up being correct, which is about the twice the cost of the EVA1 and nearly as much for the Fs7.