Canon PowerShot

Canon Compacts Launched

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Canon SD1100 IS (I called it the SD2000)

sd1100 - Canon Compacts Launched
Image Stabilization
3x Zoom
2.5 LCD
Improved Face Detection

Canon also launched 3 cheap A series Powershots. Not much excitement here. Retailers will sell a ton of these, and at huge margins *wink*.

Canon A590IS (I called this the A580IS)
590is - Canon Compacts Launched
Image Stabilization
4x Zoom

Canon A580
The cheaper brother of the A590IS. It has no IS and they probably removed manual shooting modes.
580 - Canon Compacts Launched

Canon A470
470 - Canon Compacts Launched
3.4x Zoom

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… but it'll be cheap. $129.

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