Canon didn't announce any consumer cameras at CES 2018 this year, but they did bring a couple of concept cameras that did impress the folks at The Verge.

The first camera is a small brick shaped device with a flip out lightning port that would allow it to be attached to an iPhone. You could use the screen on your iPhone as viewfinder and likely be able to transfer images to your phone. The camera also pivots. One of the unique features of this concept, is it has a 100-400mm lens. This camera would also come with an detachable viewfinder so the photographer could shoot with it using their eyes.

The second camera is concept that is in working form. It's shaped like the Samsung Gear 360 and is a single lens unit that can swivel 360 degrees. The point of the camera is to focus and film faces and objects in nearly all directions.

Both cameras seem to borrow from products that already exist

You can see the cameras and read more at TheVerge

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