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Canon D10 King of the Swimming Pool – DPReview

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DPR Compares Waterproof Cameras
As I have found out using the D10, it is the best underwater P&S on the market. The image quality is very good. I knew it would be just by looking at the camera. The lens is the most impressive of all underwater P&S’s today.

From DPReview
“If you have even glanced at the rest of this review, then the winner should come as no surprise to you at all. The D10 produced the sharpest, most detailed images of all the cameras in this group test at low ISO settings, both in and out of the water. This, combined with responsive performance and a straightforward user interface that has been proven on other cameras in the PowerShot series, means that if you were shopping for a waterproof camera mainly to use in the water, then you can stop reading right now and go order the D10.”

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11 responses to “Canon D10 King of the Swimming Pool – DPReview”

  1. To each his own… I like how it looks quite a bit. I love the anchor points idea. It actually looks like the engineers were given some room to craft a non-cookie-cutter design and I think the result is very good.

    Now, if only the marketing people would give the 60D team some elbow room… :)

  2. I’ve always held canon point & shoots in high regard, but this review left out it’s best competitor, the Panasonic TS1. Other comparison reviews on the net are putting the TS1 above the Canon D10.

  3. I don’t have direct experience with it, but if you read the linked review, ergonomics is listed as one of the big pluses of the D10 over the other cams. I think the point to remember is that this was designed as a underwater cam first – and the ergonomics target that first, not land use or kid use or whatever else people want it to be.

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