DPReview had a chance to interview some senior engineers and planners at Canon to discuss all things lenses and the future.

Canon employees interviewed:

  • Manabu Kato – Head of EF + RF mount R&D
  • Yoichi Sato – EOS camera electronics R&D
  • Shogo Yamaguchi – Optical planning specialist

Some highlights from the interview:

How have you made the 70-200mm so small?

We were actually surprised as we started developing this particular product. The idea is that, with the introduction of the large diameter mount with the shorter back-focus distance, we were expecting it to be more suitable for designing wider-angle lenses, but it turned out to be very effective for designing this telephoto lens.

Can you give any insight into the DS technology?

With lens such as the 85mm F1.2 bokeh is a really important factor, because it's a portrait lens. We really wanted to deliver something that was not possible with the conventional lenses, so we decided to develop this technology of defocus smoothing.

The fact with our DS technology is that it's a coating technology, so it's relatively easy to apply this technology to a range of different lenses. This is all we can say at this moment.

The pro-level ‘L' series lineup looking impressive: how far into the future are you planning?

I'm sorry, the roadmap is all we can say for now. We have a full lineup of what there should be: a full lineup of the RF lenses. And what we do among those lenses we choose which to prioritize, that's the concept of how we decide what to work on next.

With this many professional lenses being announced in 2019, does that mean a body isn't far behind?

All we can say is that we're working on a lot of different types of cameras. I can't pinpoint when a specific camera will come. We understand that expectations are really high.

You can read the full interview over at DPReview.

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