Here's a Canon EOS-1D C in someones lucky hands.It is a preproduction model, and not the retail version.

I do think it's a good sign that more people are getting their hands on the camera, as we should start to see lots of 4K footage from the EOS-1D C. As for retail availability, the EOS-1D C will start shipping to customers sometime before the end of 2012.

The camera is still listed at $14,999USD and not yet available for preorder.

photo 575x428 - Canon EOS-1D C Available?
Canon EOS-1D C Unboxed – 4K Wedding Shoot This Weekend – Click for larger

Already shipping?
I have received two reports of people buying retail versions of the Canon EOS-1D C, one of them in Australia. I haven't yet seen pictures to confirm this.

If you have received an EOS-1D C, I'd love to see an unboxing.


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