What's going on?
I have heard just about everything as to why the Canon EOS-1D X has been delayed for almost 3-4 months. I've heard blame being placed on battery approval in Japan, FCC approval in the United States, production issues with certain parts of the camera, serious firmware issues that had to be resolved to name a few. Canon has kept the issues very close to the vest and very few people know the exact reasons.

Recently I have been told by a couple of people that the version of the 1DX that has reached select AP and CPS photographers are not in fact production cameras, they are preproduction. Canon felt it was important to have the new camera out for Euro 2012 and the Olympics in London. It's suggested that the cameras that are in the hands of these photographers will infact have to go back to Canon and will be replaced with the production model whenever they are ready.

That seems strange, no?

If anyone with a 1D X can confirm this, I'd love to hear it.

CRs Take
The above may be untrue, however a 3-4 month delay in this day and age is a pretty unique thing (for anything other than big lenses). It tells me, and others, that something at the hardware level with the camera is being addressed and has required additional R&D and manufacturing considerations. If the issue was something like a battery or FCC approval, I don't see the harm in just saying that in a press release and getting on with things.

Will the camera hit retailers in June? For the moment I don't have an answer, I haven't heard anything from major retailers about availability in a long time.

Food for thought….


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