EOS-1D X Firmware 1.1.1 Available for Download
To support the needs of wedding, portrait, sports, wildlife, and theatrical performance photographers working in low light, AF points in the EOS-1D X's viewfinder can now be illuminated in red with a half-press of the shutter in AI Servo AF mode, for easy viewing of the selected point. Illumination is intermittent, not continuous, and does not interfere with metering accuracy. Two brightness levels are available for the most suitable level of illumination in dark settings and illumination is fully compatible with the range of focus points and focus zone selection options on the EOS-1D X.

For best results, the following additional menu settings are suggested when using AF Point Illumination in AI Servo AF mode with Firmware Ver. 1.1.1:

  1. AF Point Display During Focus should be set to the first option, Selected (constant). This setting will allow the camera to display the selected focusing point while the shutter button is pressed halfway.
  2. Optionally, AI Servo 1st Image Priority can be set to Focus Priority to ensure that focus is achieved before the shutter is released.
  3. If you wish to recompose the image after focusing in AI Servo AF, use the EOS-1D X Custom Control menu to change the setting for half-press of the shutter button from “Metering and AF Start” to “Metering Start.” This will allow you to control focusing with the AF-ON button. Once you are satisfied with the focus, lift your thumb off the AF-ON button, recompose and shoot.

Crosstype AF Available for Maximum Apertures as Small as f/8
Ideal for wildlife photographers and others who often use Canon EF super-telephoto lenses with extenders, the new firmware allows cross-type autofocusing with the center AF point when the maximum aperture becomes as small as f/8. This new feature greatly expands the range of EF lens/extender combinations that support autofocus when used with the EOS-1D X. Please refer to the list of compatible lenses below.

If AF point expansion is selected with an f/8 maximum aperture lens/extender combination, the four AF points surrounding the center point will act as AF Assist points. This option effectively expands the size of the AF detection area to enhance autofocus performance with subjects that appear small in the viewfinder and difficult to track, such as small animals and birds in flight. AF points above and below the center will be sensitive to vertical contrast, while points to the left and right will be sensitive to horizontal contrast.

Download the EOS-1DX Firmware 1.1.1

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