DXOMark has completed their review of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and has given the camera a sensor score of 88. This is the highest score ever for a Canon DSLR.

The Canon performs exceptionally well. Not only does it have a wider useful dynamic range at base and low ISOs than the Nikon, it’s not far behind the Sony, and that small difference won’t be noticed in use. The Canon sensor continues to offer a wide dynamic range at every ISO setting, improving on the Sony from ISO800 onwards, and falling only slightly behind the Nikon’s strong performance from ISO6400 onwards. Indeed, the difference at most is around +0.6EV. Canon cameras are known for high ISO noise performance, and the Mark II surpasses both the Nikon and Sony by nearly +0.5EV. Read the full review

I have enjoyed using the camera in multiple types of situations, I do believe this is the best DSLR Canon has ever released and will give any owner years and years of great results.

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