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Canon EOS 3D [CR1]

The Return of a Classic
I received the following email today.

“I’ve been told, that the EOS 3D is coming. My source sad to me it will be announced after the replacement from the Nikon D300. It is going to be something between the 1D MarkIII and the 50D/60D. The Body is similar to the 5D MarkII. He won´t me to tell something about the specs but said that the D300/D400 will be blown away.”

Every 6 months or so we see this. There has always been a desire for another EOS body.

On the other hand, this could be the 2nd APS-H camera we’ve talked about before.


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  1. Ya.. a good friend has the D300, and it just wipes the floor with the 40D/50D. If canon doesn’t shape up, I will be looking to jump ship. For those who haven’t tried out a d300, I strongly suggest you do so. The AF system is such a huge step up from the canon a/f system on the aps-c cameras. I was blown away how “mickey mouse” the 9(?) a/f points are on the d50.

  2. I hope that canon read this.
    A 3D will be all what I need. It ist “the missing link” between 5D an 1D!

  3. you realise this source is exactly spot on…

    7D = similar body to 5D2
    7D = somewhere in between 1D3 and 50D
    7D = announced after D300s

    ok he called it a 3D but the camera’s concept was correct.

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