For PMA as thought
Some tidbits of info about Canon's PMA plans.

They will release the 1Dx (won't use “4).


Resolution: 14mp
Sensor: APS-H 1.3 Crop (I think FF)
AF: 51 Point (New System)
FPS: 12
Proc: Dual DIGIC IV
ISO: 100-12800
Feature: New Live View
Feature: HD Video (another rumour)


Resolution: 14mp
Sensor: 1.6 Crop
AF: 11 Point
FPS: 8
ISO: 100-3200
Feature: Better Sealing

Seems to be a mishmash of features, and some people have expressed their thoughts that the XXD line of cameras would be erased from Canon's lineup. I think this is true eventually, but not quite yet.

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