There's some news out there now, that some LCD covers on the top of 5D Mark IIIs differ from others. Some being quite stiff, others being flexible.

You can see the discussion at FredMiranda. http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1104080/4 

We have confirmed new firmware for the 5D Mark III that addresses a few issues is coming very soon. Cameras could get held back for this reason. The firmware will for sure address the 200 f/2L IS and 800 f/5.6L IS issues.

I changed the title of this post from “recall” to “stock delayed”.

Lots more information is rolling in about this. Two of the retailers are BuyDig and Beach Camera which are one in the same. The story coming from them is the cameras have been held back “in case a recall is necessary”. However there is no mention as to why. The word “recall” may be the wrong word to describe the experience the retailer and customer had.

Canon Digital Photo Professional to blame?
Another theory I have heard is a new version DPP is coming out next week to address the issues with it and the 5D Mark III RAW files, and the cameras are being held back to get the new version into the boxes. We reported the issue with DPP last week.

I do NOT want to start a firestorm
I have received various reports of 5D Mark III shipments to retailers being cancelled. Retailers in the USA have told various preorder buyers that the cameras have been “recalled” and that an announcement would come next week.

I have no idea at this moment if this is true, or what the rumoured “recall” is about. Its out there on other message boards, so I have to post it here.

Please wait for an official announcement before treating this as fact. I have asked a few other retailers in Canada if they have heard anything, and for the moment the answer is “no”. Again, I have received the same story from 3 USA retailers and their customers.

There are 3 possibilities with this one.

  1. Retailers are being misquoted or the wrong use of the word “recall”
  2. The cameras are getting a firmware update before being released
  3. There is a hardware issue that needs to be resolved.

More info coming soon I'm sure.


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