post 19215 128277574492 - *UPDATE 2* Canon EOS 60D Specs [CR2.5]

Expect to see in camera filters of some kind.

A few more new features are also in the camera. Here's hoping one of them is continuous AF in video mode.

The specs are CR3 now, I just wanted to add a couple more things.

  • 96% VF
  • All 9AF points are crosstype

There are a couple more new features I'm told. However, the features were vague. There seems to be a language barrier, I'll keep digging.

Are these the 60D Specs?
I was told to CR3 this, I'm going to CR2.5 it instead. We'll know soon if they're true.

Canon EOS 60D Specifications

  • 18 MP. 17.9 effective
  • APS-C
  • 100-6400 (Hi: 12800)
  • 1/250 flash sync
  • sdxc/hc
  • h.264
  • 1080 – 30/25/24
  • 720 – 50/60
  • 3″ Screen, 1MP
  • 14 bit
  • 11 min video
  • 5.3FPS
  • digic 4
  • 9 AF points
  • 63 zone (metering)

The specs came from d-spot.

These are pretty much what we're reported for the last few weeks. We've reported the switch to SD cards previously as well.

The 5.3fps is a new one, as is H.264.

I can already hear the complaints about the 9AF points. We'll have to wait and see if it's an updated AF system. At the pricepoint I've heard for this camera, I doubt it.

I'm also interested to know if the body is 100% plastic as previously reported.

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