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Canon EOS 60D/7D – APS-H? [CR1]

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New Info
Canon has apparently been humbled by the lack sales with the 50D. The 40D was a fantastic selling camera for Canon.

The motivation for the next incarnation is to directly attack the success of Nikon’s D300.

A newer contact has said there will be an APS-H based xxD sized body. It will have a version of the EOS-1 AF system, so expect more AF points than the current 50D. It will shoot 6fps. It will have the same build quality of the 5D Mark II. It will have a new 12.1mp sensor.

The hope is to retail the camera for $1999 USD initially.

CR’s Take
At that price point, there is definitely room for another prosumer camera. Perhaps a 50D with video?


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  1. The D300 killer is here.

    Just in, specs as follows:

    OLED 3′ display, 1.15m pixels
    19 (yes, 19) point autofocus
    ISO 100-25600
    SDHC memory (!)

  2. May I request to kindly let me know 3 fundamental differences between the APS-C and Full Frame sensors? I use a 450D at present and contemplating a 5DMII for higher quality results from my L lenses. Pls advise.

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