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Canon has apparently been humbled by the lack sales with the 50D. The 40D was a fantastic selling camera for Canon.

The motivation for the next incarnation is to directly attack the success of Nikon's D300.

A newer contact has said there will be an APS-H based xxD sized body. It will have a version of the EOS-1 AF system, so expect more AF points than the current 50D. It will shoot 6fps. It will have the same build quality of the 5D Mark II. It will have a new 12.1mp sensor.

The hope is to retail the camera for $1999 USD initially.

CR's Take
At that price point, there is definitely room for another prosumer camera. Perhaps a 50D with video?


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  1. Sensor technology has come a long way since the 20D, 10 mp days. In order to catch up with the technology, Canon cannot just put the old 10 mp sensor in any new camera. For me a new 12 mp or even 10 mp in the APS-H size sensor with all the new technology ,i.e. smaller space between pixel and no gap between the lens for each pixel plus lower intrinsic noise etc. will be the answer. Then, put ALL the features from 50D into it. This will make a killer camera. I am sure that most photographer will prefer it rather than the 15 mp sensor 50D.

  2. The focal length is the same no matter the crop idiot. It’s FOV that changes. Your post is a bit extreme.

  3. We all want to hear more news on the much anticipated 60D. My understanding that it is going to wipe the floor with the D300. Expect formal announcement week beginning 24th Aug-09, with perhaps some leaks coming before then.

  4. I look forward to an actual upgrade to the 40D. Like others have said, the 50D just plain sucks (I was expecting something better than the 40D). I’m a canon owner myself, and was considering making the jump to a 50D (I’ve owned an XSi now for a little while, and feel I’ve “grown” out of it), but the 50D is honestly just not worth it. I’d be better off with a 40D. I’ve played with a friend’s 40D quite a bit, but don’t feel it’s necessarily worth the upgrade for me. anyway..

    A friend has a d300, and I must say, it wipes the floor with the 40D/50D. It ALMOST made me want to sell all my lenses and switch to Nikon. What do I love about it? 2 main things.. PQ is outstanding (hands down beats the 50D), and the autofocus system is awesome for a casual photographer. You aren’t stuck with a small diamond (like on canons), and can frame your shot nicely (I hate it when the AF point is JUST off, and it focuses on the background instead of the subjects in the foreground). I realize it’s not quite as fast/good as the 50D’s AF points, but if you’re mainly shooting portraits/landscapes, speed is not a necessity.

    Either way, canon needs to get their s**t together because they got their clock cleaned by Nikon w/ the d300. It’s by far the best prosumer dslr. Sure the D300 is more than the 50D, but you get SO much more camera for a couple hundred bucks more. In a couple years (when I’ll be itching to upgrade my dslr), hopefully there’ll be a much better alternative to upgrade to, or I just may be switching to Nikon.. Here’s hoping they get it right. Oh ya, like others said, we have enough MP’s these days. They ought to focus on actual image quality vs. cramming more pixels on a sensor.

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