We have completed our unscientific poll about the upcoming Canon EOS 6D Mark II and these are the results from your input.

What is your favourite upgrade over the original EOS 6D?
45 AF Points
42.9% / 6,525
Vari-Angle touchscreen LCD
26.6% / 4,045
Resolution increase to 26.2mp
7.1% / 1,086
Dual Pixel AF
20.0% / 3,044
3.3% / 509

CR's Take: I definitely agree with the outcome here. The added cross-type AF points is going to make the camera much more enjoyable to use over the original EOS 6D, which is my main DSLR.

What is your biggest gripe about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II?
No 4K Video Capture
37.9% / 5,849
No Dual SD Slots
23.2% / 3,590
UHS-1 SD Slot
5.7% / 885
AF point coverage isn't spread out enough
27.4% / 4,239
No popup flash
5.7% / 887

CR's Take: I voted for the AF point spread, it does look a bit tight, though I'm sure it won't be much of an issue once I get used to the camera. The lack of 4K recording does seem to bug a lot of people. I'm not one of them, but I do understand the frustration.

Will you be buying the Canon EOS 6D Mark II?
Yes, it's already been preordered
9.1% / 1,453
Maybe, but I'll wait for real world reviews
36.3% / 5,782
I'd love to, but I can't afford it
12.7% / 2,017
No, this is not the camera for me
27.4% / 4,358
I'm leaving Canon!
14.5% / 2,305

CR's Take: I've preordered the camera, I don't doubt it'll be a great performer and be a very worthy upgrade over the EOS 6D. I like daily shooting with cameras that don't cost a ton and if it gets stolen or broken, I'll survive.

Preorder the Canon EOS 6D Mark II:

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