It looks like prices on the original Cinema EOS C100 and it's replacement, the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II have been given significant price drops at B&H Photo.

If you're looking to get into a Cinema EOS camera and are on a budget, both of these cameras will help you create great content.

There is also a $500 price drop on the Canon XC10 4K camcorder. thanks KrisK

Canon Cinema EOS C100 (Original)

Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark II

Canon XC10 Camcorder

Does this mean we've got a new Cinema EOS camera on the way that will sit between the $4500 EOS C100 Mark II and the $16,000, 4K EOS C300 Mark II? That's definitely a possibility, as Canon does need an “affordable” 4K solution in the Cinema EOS lineup. We've always felt that Canon would introduce a better EF mount 4K solution than just putting 4K in a DSLR like the 5D Mark IV, as cinematographers generally prefer the usability of the Cinema EOS cameras.

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