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Canon EOS R6 IBIS in action

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I have now seen the video of the Canon EOS R6 IBIS in action, and it looks really smooth. The EOS R6 also appears to use the same type of grip as the Canon EOS RP.

Other things that I noticed from the video, the EOS R5 will be magnesium alloy, but the EOS R6 will not be. There is also no top-down LCD on the EOS R6, but there are multiple scroll wheels and I’m not sure what that’s about. The camera also has a much more rounded shape than the current EOS R cameras.

For the record, the source that sent us the image and video of the Canon EOS R6 has requested that it not be published, and we will always respect those requests. I usually see cameras well before they appear elsewhere and I want to have that continue, so I will not burn any bridges for some extra clicks.

The EOS R6 is real and has glorious IBIS, that’s really all we needed to know!


Sep 29, 2018
If there is video that has to be a good sign. Are we expecting it to be anounced at CP+ or Photokina?
Dec 6, 2018
Post the photo or it didn’t happen...
We can snicker at others' impatience. Some of us are patient until the product is available. Meanwhile, take a lesson from nature and relax. This tree existed 4000 years before a photo or video was shown. Did it happen? Of course. For any curious > About the Big Kahuna redwood

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Canon Rumors Guy

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Jul 20, 2010
So someone sent a pic and then said not to publish it?
Why even mention it then? Just for traffic I guess.

I wanted to get the video, that's why I posted it.

Also, I've been doing this for 12 years, I don't need to play games for traffic. I'm content where things are. I had no other way to contact the source. I have now seen the EOS R6 and IBIS in action. It's glorious.