Do we have a name?
I received an email claiming the new name for the Rebel will be the T1i

Some more information
It's in between 50D and XSi. It has the same size sensor as the 50D, 15MP. It has creative auto mode. Same body as the XSi. It has a video mode. 720p at 30 frames/sec and 1080p and 20 frames/sec.

This is a rumor, not fact……… yet.

Thanks for the tip


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  1. +1 on too small for equivalent comfort compared to xxD, but grip improvements could go a long way.

  2. Last comment then I’ll stop for now. I call bs on Canon creating a new line of cameras between xxxD and xxD. This is the XSi successor plain for all to see in the body form. Canon can call it what they want but they have no need for four entry level dslrs. XS, XSi, T1i, and XTi. XS was a mistake that monopolized XTi sales. It’s even more apparent now that there are these four dslrs that occupy the same market segment. Dumb

  3. The XTi is already discontinued. I imagine they will also discontinue the XS when the T1i is released.

  4. All they need to do is widen the grip a bit. I don’t understand how they can go through so many product generations without heeding this criticism.

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