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Canon EOS Rebel T2i Review – DPReview

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It’s Done
DPReview has completed their review of the T2i.

Conclusion Snippet:
Despite our (very minor) complaints, the EOS 550D is a very satisfying camera, and certainly offers the most compelling feature set of any nominally ‘entry level’ DSLR that we’ve used. It isn’t just about spec though – the 550D’s refined handling and excellent supplied software suite should not be overlooked. Although it doesn’t represent a huge improvement over the 500D, the changes that have been made are worthwhile, and well-implemented. An external mic socket, manual control and wide choice of resolutions and frame rates means that the 550D is worthy of consideration for serious video use, and when paired with a high quality lens, image quality is superb.

With all this taken into account, it is hard not to recommend the EOS 550D. Quite simply, taken as a whole, it is the best camera of its class that we’ve ever seen, and one of those rare cameras that won’t look out of date in a couple of years’ time.

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37 responses to “Canon EOS Rebel T2i Review – DPReview”

  1. This is another typical case of ” Marketing Rules” from Canon. Teaming a 18-55 kit lens with a 18 Mp sensor? Canon is down grading the potential of its high pixel count camera by itself. What a joke!!

  2. They can tell the difference better by looking at the serial number of the body. That is what they have to do for the 1D and 5D series anyways.

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