The back and forth on Canon entering the EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lenses)  market continues. This time appearing in Amateur Photographer magazine.

“Canon is ‘proceeding with the development' of a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera to compete against models launched by Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung, a senior Canon DSLR official is reported to have told the Japanese press.”

There will be no EVIL camera in 2010 from Canon as we've reported before. 2011, we may see one.

It is strange to hear that a “senior Canon official” has spilled the beans on development. The rest of the article goes on to say what is obvious, if there's demand………. they'll build it.

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  1. Son of Daguerre on

    Well, yes, I do appreciate the fact that we Americans do not have to suffer the “Kiss” naming theme.

    But surely America, Europe, Australasia, Africa (the West) buy more cameras than the Japanese alone?

  2. sleepers friend (the one he gets the good tips from) on

    Of course, and don’t forget the Middle East, and the rest of Asia, not to mention the Chinese, what a market! (though West Africa is not as big as South Africa and even that is not a big market)

    But if you tried to make these decisions by international committee you would end up with a mess. Besides the home market has a disproportionate amount of prestige, it is very important. Where input has a consensus from different areas then it will be considered. But if the Japanese home market has another opinion then the home market opinion will, invariably, win out. The most obvious example would be the direct print button. Worldwide an unpopular “feature”, but a good marketing point in the domestic market.

  3. Son of Daguerre on

    I find the direct print button to be for lazy people.

    But didn’t they have that Italian (German?) guy working on the T90?

  4. sleepers friend (the one he gets the good tips from) on

    Only as a high profile styling exercise. Colani (German) did a superb job and the move into the EOS 1, and subsequent pro models, is an obvious one (the AF road map was well in place by the T90’s release) . But it was a Japanese decision to use an outside stylist, again, just like in the car market. The Italians can design cars way better than they can make them. Not all Canon Inc employees, or sub contractors, are Japanese.

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