More Fishies
News of a 15mm f/2.8 USM has been around for a bit now.

An email sent today (which I couldn't post till now) says Canon will be introducing a wider fisheye lens. There's no word on whether or not it's EF-S or circular.


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  1. Civility is DEAD on this site. Rude morons make this into the rest of web sewer. Stop it, go to elsewhere to post crap.

  2. Yeah and you people how keep putting down EF-S and 1.6 crop are funny too. Not everyone wants full frame you know, so go cry to mummy or mommy if your from the USA.

  3. Excellent hoefully they bring out an excellent EF-S lens at the same time a new and much improved 17-85 IS USM or a new 17/18-105 IS USM, with ring usm. Brilliant!

  4. Its terrible that i come on here looking for some information on lenses and all i see is useless bickering…

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