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Canon G11 Sample Images

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From DPR
The folks at DPR have posted the first of many G11 sample galleries. As with the S90, they look good to me.

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9 responses to “Canon G11 Sample Images”

  1. Oops, previous post went out too fast…

    Should we expect a lot difference from the S90, except the lens, what else could play since they have the same sensor and Digic ?

  2. I like the test images of the s90 much better.

    However, I already have a LX3 so it is not enough to get me to buy… However, if I didn’t have the LX3, I would get the s90.

  3. this is not a rumor and as such, it doesn’t fit on this site!!!

    P.S. had i not been banned (for silly reasons), i wouldn’t post a coment like this, but now i have nothing to fear.

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