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PowerShot G11 FRT LCD 001 300x219 - Canon G11
Canon PowerShot G11 - Image from DPReview

Specification High Lights
10mp High Sensitivity CCD
5x Zoom (28-140)
2.8″ Vari-Angle LCD
ISO3200 (Upto ISO 12,500)
$499 USD

Press Release
Canon today announces the launch of the feature packed PowerShot G11, the successor to the multi award-winning PowerShot G10 – the favourite compact of professional photographers and photoagencies the world over.

Commenting on his use of the predecessor to the PowerShot G11, the PowerShot G10, Gary Knight, acclaimed photojournalist and co-founder of the VII Photo Agency, said: “As a photojournalist who covers warzones, one of the main challenges I face is getting high quality images in hostile environments.

To achieve this I need a camera that offers great image and build quality without the bulk, and the PowerShot G series is perfect for this purpose. When shooting in areas of conflict, it’s important to have a compact camera in my bag that allows me to work discreetly but also provides the level of quality required to get the photos I need. The G Series excels in this respect, delivering great quality images from a compact body that is less intimidating than that of an SLR.”

Professional photographers will benefit from the G11’s greatly expanded dynamic range. Canon’s new Dual Anti-Noise System combines a high sensitivity 10.0 Megapixel image sensor with Canon’s enhanced DIGIC 4 image processing technology to increase image quality and greatly improve noise performance by up to 2 stops (compared to PowerShot G10). The PowerShot G11 also includes i-Contrast technology, which prevents high-light blowout whilst retaining low-light detail – ideal for difficult lighting situations.

The premium quality Canon lens delivers picture-perfect performance, offering a 5x wide angle (28mm) zoom with optical Image Stabilizer (IS). This allows handheld shots to be taken at much slower shutter speeds (4-stops) than conventional non-IS models – allowing perfect shooting in darker conditions or at a lower ISO.  Greatly reducing blur caused by camera shake, photographers can shoot at longer focal lengths and in lower light conditions without the need for a tripod.

The digital compact includes the ability to shoot in RAW format and is compatible with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software, ensuring that photo shoots can be easily integrated into a photographer’s workflow.

Stephen Munday, Senior Operations Director, Editorial, Getty Images, comments:  “The quality of images delivered by the PowerShot G series are so good that we use G10 images within our editorial library, and our photographers using the G series models do so because of the image quality and flexibility they provide.”

He continues, “The unpredictable nature of news photojournalism requires our photographers to get shots in all kinds of situations, and the size of the G10 allows them to do that without drawing too much attention to themselves. The low-light capabilities of the new G11 will be of even greater help in that respect, as it will allow our photographers to shoot high quality images without flash in even more situations.”

Alongside superb image quality, the compact size of the PowerShot G11 and a 2.8-inch vari-angle PureColor II VA LCD (461k dots) make it the ideal choice for professional photographers to use where an SLR is impractical or obtrusive.   The G11 is ergonomically designed for faster, accurate menu scrolling.  Analogue style dials for ISO and exposure compensation give photographers instant, familiar access to common settings and features.

“I’ve been a user of the G series since the G5” says Edmond Terakopian, photojournalist and winner of the British Press Awards Photographer of the Year and a World Press Photo award for Spot News. “Recently I’ve been using the G10 which is absolutely spot on; image quality, usability, reliability and build quality are all excellent. It’s the one camera that’s always with me, no matter where I am; whether on or off duty. I know I can rely on it to help me get the picture, no matter what.

Over the years I’ve used my G Series cameras on the occasions when assignments have needed discretion. It’s a satisfying feeling telling a picture editor that the photograph he’s just complemented was from a compact camera.”

The G11 is equipped to deal with any light condition.  Low Light mode enables photographers to shoot up to ISO 12,800 in reduced 2.5MP resolution at 2.4fps capturing brilliant shots indoors without the need for a flash, whilst a built-in Neutral Density (ND) filter decreases light levels by 3 stops allowing creative control in bright conditions.

The camera’s highest flash synchro speed has been increased to 1/2000th seconds, reducing the possibility of overexposed bright scenes.  A real time histogram displays brightness levels on the PureColor II VA LCD screen, so photographers can easily view conditions and change settings when shooting.

The PowerShot G11 gives photographers the freedom to perfectly shoot fast-paced action.  Quick Shot mode takes images almost instantly after pressing the shutter, so fast moving objects are always captured, whilst Servo AF/ AE continuously adjusts focus and exposure to optimise settings when photographing moving subjects.

The PowerShot G11 can be used with a wide range of Canon accessories, including the Speedlite 270EX, 430EX II and 580EX II; Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX and Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX flashes for enhanced shooting options; the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2, Speedlite Bracket BKT-DC1 and Remote Switch RS-60E3. Underwater photographers can even team the PowerShot G11 with the specially designed Waterproof Case WP-DC34 – an underwater housing allowing full control of the camera at depths down to 40m. The PowerShot G11 includes an HDMI port so users can review images on a full HD screen via an optional HDMI cable.

126 responses to “Canon G11”

  1. I was being sarchastic. It should have HD, 720p at a minimum. The SX1 is also 10 MP and has 1920 x 1080 (30 fps)video.

  2. Wow what a bunch of angry people. It’s as if you’d already paid for some mythic camera and are now being stiffed on it.

    I’m not sure what kind of quality HD video you were all expecting to get on a P&S, or how long the battery should last compressing all that video down to H.264 just so you can fit in on a tiny memory card.

    Seriously, if the product is really so terrible, go buy something else. You don’t have to wait for Canon to “finally get their act together”: just go across the street and buy the camera you so sorely deserve. What’s that? It doesn’t exist? …I see.

  3. Unfortunately for Canon, going across the street and buying a different camera is exactly what many are going to do.

    We are upset because the G series have been fantastic cameras. The absence of HD video is a disappointment for those of us, many who are road warriors and know the meaning of packing light. HD video would have been the natural upgrade and was expected and waited for by many.

    The Canon G series underwater cases are inexpensive and a great way to get a quality rig for a reasonable price. It’s become the most popular UW medium priced outfit for many reasons: resolution, raw, manual control and video. Having a underwater rig that shoots full HD at 30fps with manual control would have made it a must have upgrade. Most other P&S’s have HD now, so why not Canon especially when my G9 has it, mind you at 15fps.

    We want Canon to move ahead of the competition because they are a great company with excellent reliability and service. They made a mistake here not including HD video and if we don’t tell them in one way or another, who is going to…just better sales from across the street? I’ll keep my G9 until something better comes my way. Hopefully, it’ll be a Canon like I’ve been using all these years.

  4. Why are you all complaining, five years earlier you wouldn’t have complained, because video probably wasn’t even on the camera. You should be happy they have video in the first place. It’s a camera, not a video camera. You can’t always get what you want. It looks like a great CAMERA and that’s all that matters. I mean it’s not like you expect great camera’s on videocamera’s. Why not buy a good video cam that has high mp pictures. I need a camera so I am a first time p&s camera and this is it. It’s got great low-light, raw, and manual. I’m happy. Shut UP!!!!!!!!

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