It looks like Canon USA and ebay grey market selling GetItDigital have reached an agreement and Canon has dismissed the suit. The Canon USA suit against F & E (BigValueInc) is still ongoing.

Eric Reagan over at Photography Bay has a great break down of the dismissal…

The dismissal “with prejudice” is the red herring that there was a settlement agreement between the two parties. Otherwise, Canon would have simply dismissed the case without prejudice – meaning that it could re-open the case at a later date for any given reason. Get It Digital wanted the case closed with the option for Canon to re-file and that would have been part of the terms of the settlement. As long as Get It Digital lives up to end of the settlement agreement (i.e., stops selling gray market cameras), Canon won’t sue it again. Read the full story

Eric thinks the settlement between Canon USA and GetItDigital will be similar to the settlement F & E and Olympus agreed to previously.

image credit // Photography Bay 

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