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Canon “G”MOS [CR2]

The Evolution of the Powershot G
I received an email that Canon does indeed have an APS-C sized sensor “G” camera being tested/developed.

Test Camera Specs
15.1mp CMOS 1.6x Crop
3x Zoom  (24-70 IS, no speed information)
3″ 920k LCD
ISO 100-3200
SD Card
1080p HD Movie Mode
Body is slightly larger than the G10
New Battery
No Viewfinder (Flash shoe VF?)
Flash Shoe

We know a CMOS based G series camera with a larger sensor is coming. The source said we may not see this type of camera until Photokina 2010.


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  1. yeah exactly Zac! SX10IS is only 10MP and 2.5″ LCD where the G10 is 14.7MP and 3″ LCD, so of course the G10 will eat more battery juice. Not a fair comparison.

  2. This is a “Canon” rumor site, so guess what we’re talking about here? lol

    I think the E-P1 is cool. I’m not gonna buy one as buying a whole new line of lenses just for that makes no sense for me. But something like it, that took EF-S lenses that I could also use on a 50D (or maybe a 60D if it’s worth upgrading for), makes WAY more sense for me. As for Oly’s 4/3 lenses blowing away EF-S…HAHAHAHA…we’re not talking about 21MP FF 1Ds3’s or 5D2’s (or a 50D, lol) it’s a $800 12MP MICRO 4/3 camera for peet’s sake. Comparing it to the G10 image quality is more fair.

    As for size, we’re talking about a mirrorless APS-C (chop the top-prism off a Rebel and tighten it up a bit with some retro rangefinder style and it’s done) so the size of the EF-S mount could easily work on a E-P1 style of body, maybe slightly taller but really who cares about that if its close?

    BTW, there is a Oly rumor site for those who want m4/3…43rumors

  3. The E-P1 isn’t a pocketable camera either so we’re not really talking about it being a compact like a Powershot or something. Perhaps a APS-C version would be as deep as a Rebel, but you could lose the top prism, dials and bulky hand grip, give it a polished aluminum retro rangefinder style body it wouldn’t be that much bigger than the E-P1.

    Canon could pull a “Pen” and point to the “Canonet” like the GIII QL 17 (the old “Poor Man’s Leica”), 35mm rangefinder with a 40mm 1.7 lens.

    …WHICH BTW, was 120 x 75 x 60 mm in size – the Rebel XTi is 126.5 x 94.2 x 65mm with its bulging top prism and hand grip, so we’re not that far off already.

  4. Yep, I know. I read that one two. Since the digital era begin I’ve owned a Canon G2, a Pentax K100D, Pentax K10D, bought my mother a Sony A200, and I currently shoot a Nikon D200. My next camera will either be a 5D Mk II or the Oly E-P1. I’m not trying to offend you by saying good things about other brands, a logo on the camera doesn’t mean a thing to me. But the simple fact is no one brand makes the best of everything. I don’t understand why anyone would wait around for Brand A to make the camera that Brand B already makes. I’d prefer to reward the innovative company with my business.

    I also don’t know why you put the 50D IQ so high up on a pedestal. It’s perfectly good, but Oly’s new 12mp 4/3’s sensor more than holds its own against it. And both are in a different league the then G10. The only reason the G10 is even mentioned in the same breath as the E-P1 is because it’s close to the same size. Besides, we’re talking about glass, not image sensors. It’s a fact that Oly has been the most innovative lens maker the last 5 years (but of course they had to be since they created a new format from scratch).

    If you want to put a lens as large as the Canon 17-85mm onto a camera body as small as the E-P1 then you’re more than welcome, but to me it makes absolutely no sense to put large lenses on a tiny camera body. New lenses actually designed for this kind of camera are needed. Not something shoehorned and retrofitted.

  5. I’m not bashing other brands. But hello? CANONRUMORS is clearly about future *Canon* cameras, and yes, that’s a logo thing, but that’s what this site is about. What do you think this Canon Rumor site is about? Olympus? Every manufacturer out there? HAHAHA

    If you want to buy lenses from 4 and now maybe 5 different manufacturers, have at it! Own them all if you can. Pick the E-P1 over a 5D2, why not? HAHAHAHA whatever clicks your shutterbug.

    Olympus has some innovative lenses. Some. The list of what they don’t make is much longer. You’re also stuck with 2X crop factor, no FF, and for those the great lenses, only average bodies at best.

    BTW…great lenses are only as good as your sensor, and frankly the micro43 images are just ok – I’m not impressed.

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