Canon PowerShot

Canon “G”MOS [CR2]

The Evolution of the Powershot G
I received an email that Canon does indeed have an APS-C sized sensor “G” camera being tested/developed.

Test Camera Specs
15.1mp CMOS 1.6x Crop
3x Zoom  (24-70 IS, no speed information)
3″ 920k LCD
ISO 100-3200
SD Card
1080p HD Movie Mode
Body is slightly larger than the G10
New Battery
No Viewfinder (Flash shoe VF?)
Flash Shoe

We know a CMOS based G series camera with a larger sensor is coming. The source said we may not see this type of camera until Photokina 2010.


76 responses to “Canon “G”MOS [CR2]”

  1. Have you used the G10 viewfinder? It’s almost pointless. All the shooting info is around the LCD anyway. Oh, and it’s 2009.

  2. If it can deliver decent ISO 800 I will buy this camera. Poor mid-high ISO held me back on the G10.

    It doesn’t need interchangable lenses. It’s a compact! Though if it’s much larger than a G10 it will be called the Rebel mini.

  3. The problem is the lens. The compacts usually had 35 or 40 mm lenses with a modest maximum aperture, or normal zooms with a small aperture.

    24-70 viewing angle on APS-C would mean it has to have something like a 15-44 mm lens. It would be at least as large as the Olympus E-P1 kit zoom.

  4. I agree that the G10 VF is no match for a DSLR, but it does help composition in bright sunlight when LCD screens can become washed out. Hell’s teeth, I even use the VF on an Ixus at times.

  5. And if it is f/2.8, probably the size of a Leica M8 somehow coupled with a EF-S 17-55/2.8.

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