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Canon “G”MOS [CR2]

The Evolution of the Powershot G
I received an email that Canon does indeed have an APS-C sized sensor “G” camera being tested/developed.

Test Camera Specs
15.1mp CMOS 1.6x Crop
3x Zoom  (24-70 IS, no speed information)
3″ 920k LCD
ISO 100-3200
SD Card
1080p HD Movie Mode
Body is slightly larger than the G10
New Battery
No Viewfinder (Flash shoe VF?)
Flash Shoe

We know a CMOS based G series camera with a larger sensor is coming. The source said we may not see this type of camera until Photokina 2010.


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  1. That would be cool. Sounds like a fixed lens camera being it’s a G series. I’d think a EP-1 type would be a whole new line rather than replace the G10. I do hope Canon makes something like the EP-1 with a APS-C sensor and compatible with EF-S lenses just to slam Oly and Panny back down, hehe. Can you imagine? They just have to make the body and they’d have a whole lens line already in place where the other guys are having to start with only two or three lenses.

  2. Good point, Gene. I do remember a nifty little Canon SureShot Classic 120 with a 38-120 lens. It wasn’t much (if any) bigger than a G10. Since the max aperture of the lens on this new camera wasn’t specified, it would seem possible. On the other hand, expectations have increased since some of these small film cameras were introduced. I’m not sure the lenses on them would hold up to scrutiny in 2009.

    Having said all that, I’d love to own one if Canon can do a good job with it.

  3. The reason they would share the sensor is that the APS C sensors are produced in extremely high quantity and would not add any development cost to the camera. It would also have better light sensitivity than the smaller 4/3 sensor. The size of the lenses, if they are interchangable would be a issue, they could be made slightly smaller, but larger than the DP-1.

    Hopefully, it has a viewfinder and flash. I am doubtful that using a lcd in bright sunlight is the way to go for a $900 camera. A rangefinder might be nice, but not practical for a camera that uses interchangable lenses unless some electronic link is provided to make it work for different focal lengths.

  4. AA Batteries would be a plus. Lithium Ion batteries are expensive when built properly with good QA, and potentially dangerous when corners are cut.

  5. I’ll buy one IF and ONLY IF it has a tilt-n-swivel LCD (not seen on the G-series since the G6, tho I don’t know why).

    With that, this would be a great waist-level camera. I’d happily pay $900 (US) for it.

    Without tilt-n-swivel, forget it.

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