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Canon “G”MOS [CR3]

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Follow-up to the GX Rumor
A good source that is right most of the time wrote me a pretty lengthy email about the “G”MOS type compact a lot of people are looking forward to seeing.

He said such a camera will not see the light of day in 2009. There is folks at Canon paying close attention to how successful Olympus and Panasonic are with their Micro 4/3 system.

In my opinion, if Panasonic had put more marketing muscle behind the G1 for the holiday season, they would have sold a ton of them. I do know the local store here did move a half dozen or so since its release.


4 responses to “Canon “G”MOS [CR3]”

  1. The post about this are a bit confusing (or the rumors are) but is this a point and shoot or an even smaller dslr?

    I am hoping for a P&S… I want a G10 type camera with a larger sensor, but I do not need more megapixles, a faster lens, etc… (I have been saving for an LX3 so the tech is there to make such a camera from Canon…)

  2. panasonic sold “tons” of them!
    the g1 ist a bomb, pana was suprised how much they sold (in 4Q2008)

  3. The G1 may be selling lots somewhere but not in America as far as I can tell. The camera is awful from my limited exp. Ugly screen inside and out (the lcd and EVF) make it almost useless to decide if image is correct…

    I DO NOT WANT Canon to build something like that…

    A G10 with a sensor out of the XS on the other hand would be amazing… I’d give away a bit of zoom (give me something in the 24-100 range) for a camera that could give me good ISO and image quality in that size…
    if not then the xs or xsi will become my p/s to my “normal” 5dII and 1D2 (please let us have a nice 1D4 in March)

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