The Nikkei Asian Review has posted a great article on why Canon will remain relevant during the smartphone photography revolution, and it's simply because their vast an exception catalog of lenses all 93 EF mount lenses.

The article is behind a pay wall, but there are easy ways around that if you want to read the article, but I'll leave it up to you to figure that out. :) Though I did just sign-up for a subscription.

Canon saw a decrease of 11.1% in camera shipments in 2016 by volume, but Canon is actively offsetting that by continuing to innovate and release new lenses to fit every niche you can think of.

In 2017 Canon produced it's 130 millionth EF lens and they've ramped up production to about 10 million units a year. The lens market has shrunk since 2012, but is it expected to return to growth in 2018.

The EF lineup consists of 93 lenses, which is far and way the largest of any lens manufacturer on earth. As we saw in the BCN rankings, Canon continues to hold about 25% of lens marketshare in Japan, and those numbers are about the same around the globe. Keep in mind, this doesn't even include the highly regarded and growing Cinema EOS lineup of lenses.

Lenses provide a better margin for the company over camera bodies, which is an area Canon appears to be innovating slower than the likes of Sony and Nikon, but the sales numbers continue to be in Canon's favor.

We expect further innovation when it comes to lenses from Canon and we continue to hope that their first foray into the full frame mirrorless world will see an EF mount on any such camera.

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