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Canon High End Mirrorless Camera Talk [CR2]

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We’re told that a roadmap slide at a recent Canon presentation mentioned a “high end mirrorless ILC” to be announced in Q4 of 2018.

Canon recently showed that sales of their EOS M system have grown 70% over the past year, and with Nikon set to announce a new high end mirrorless system, it’s obviously time for Canon to enter the same area.

With a product that far off, obviously there is no specifications or leaks about what is in the pipeline, Canon likely hasn’t come close to settling on the feature set of the camera. While “high end” doesn’t mean full frame, it’s safe to say that the Canon world likely won’t be ok with another APS-C mirrorless camera.

It was mentioned that no “high end” lenses for the mirrorless ILC were shown on the roadmap.

More to come…

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