The Nikkei Asian Review sat down with Canon Chairman & CEO Fujio Mitarai for a brief interview about Canon's plans over the medium term. Canon Inc. is definitely looking to acquire more businesses and continue to diversify their portfolio of industries. Canon wants new businesses to generate nearly one-third of sales.

Q: What is the biggest issue currently facing Canon?

A: Our primary management goal this year is to raise our antennas high toward cutting-edge technology. It is on this point where we lag behind other companies. We will open up a research and development center in the U.S.'s Silicon Valley, where we will actively adopt new technology. Read the full interview

Here's hoping cameras and lenses are part of this goal, there is a general perception that Canon hasn't innovated the camera space all that much since the launch of DPAF. Whether or not this is factual doesn't matter, brand perception is a big part of marketing.

image credit // Nikkei Asian Review

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