Where oh where is the 24-105? FOUND IT!
Canon UK has removed the 24-105 f/4L IS from its website.

http://www.canon.co.uk/For_Home/Product … /index.asp

Could be a web guy playing games, could be telling us something.

A reader pointed out it was listed under the IS section. DOH! Thanks for the keen eye.

http://www.canon.co.uk/For_Home/Product … /index.asp

What's coming
[CR3] 24-70 f/2.8L IS is coming down the pipeline, it's also picking up steam on various forums. This could be the new 5D kit lens.

[CR4] 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 IS also appears to be a done deal.

I spoke of these 2 lenses months ago.

[CR3] There's also a very good chance of a new 400mm lens. Which one? I'm not sure yet.

The obvious candidates for replacement.

A new 100-400 or new 400 f/5.6 with added IS.

Someone else has suggested Canon could release a 400 f/4L IS. Not a DO. There could be a big market for this such lens. It would probably be a lot less money too.

[CR2] Other suggestions I've received.

EF 100 f/2.8 IS Macro
EF 17-50 f/4L IS

Both of these lenses sound feasible, just not in the near future.

Canon's lens lineup is missing a great performing ultra wide angle for full frame cameras. The 16-35 & 17-40 leave a lot to be desired at their widest focal range. Nikon's 14-24 is an amazing piece of glass, but quite useless for a lot of landscape photographers that use filters. Canon needs to release a new ultra wide that is out of this world and can be filtered. I know a couple landscape photographers that have gone from 17-40's to 24-70's just because they couldn't take the weaknesses anymore.

I know a lot of people agree with me.

The problem is the 16-35 II is relatively new, as is the 14 II. The only hope would be a replacement of the 17-40. Maybe we'll see a 2nd version in the next year or so.

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