We're told that Canon is actively looking at acquiring imaging companies for growth. Canon did indeed attempt to acquire Sigma (something we didn't believe until recently), but was rejected by Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki as he attempts to make Sigma the best lens manufacturer in the world. Most people suspected the acquisition was for foveon patents, as Canon is actively developing layered sensors, but that acquisition may have also been for Sigma's expertise in adapting lenses for multiple mounts. There are a ton of EF lenses out there, and Canon wants to keep them relevant moving forward, even into the mirrorless space.

Canon had also looked at the books of Swedish camera company Hasselblad many years ago, but that was probably never a serious interest. There just isn't enough potential volume in medium format for any significant growth. I was told that the global market for medium format digital back is about 5000 units per year.

While Canon is moving slowly into the security business, they believe growth for imaging will come from two places, the professional video market and acquisition of an imaging company. While they're well on their way in developing Cinema EOS, and we can expect an “A” camera from Canon at NAB in April, the photography market remains stagnant.

We weren't told what companies Canon may be targeting, only that things are actively moving in that direction.

More to come…

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