…. about $45mil less than Canon Rumors
Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) — Canon Inc. may report an operating profit of approximately 60 billion yen ($657 million) in the quarter ended in September, a 30 percent increase from the previous quarter, Nikkei English News reported, without saying where it obtained the information.



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  1. Actually they overhauled the prices not only the devaluation of the US currency but also the failure to keep leading the dslr marketshares as nikon has taken a bigger pc of the pot with their mid-range dslrs like the d300 and d90, another one that made canon report lost profits was the early launching and dissapointing performance of the ill fated 50D which a lot of canon potential upgraders just skipped (like me for example), eventually they’ll recover now with the 7D on the market and is not fair the canon has hiken the prices by up to 30% in some items like the 580EXII which you could get 6 months ago for US$ 380 and now it cost 40 extra dollars. dammit i should it bought back then !

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