I'm beginning to think that Canon Electronics does a lot of really cool things.  As you may have remembered, they are also partnered up for Japan's private company launch facilities, rocket and satellite programs.

Here, they are working with a company in Japan to help mass produce lettuce in factories.

As the article from Nikkei Asia Review notes;

Canon Electronics will provide automated systems for seeding, harvesting and shipping to Vitec's vegetable unit. This will be Canon's first time sharing its automation technology with an outside party. The company hopes to soak up more farming expertise that it can later use on its own.

One of the locations, in the central prefecture of Ishikawa, is expected to be capable of producing 4,400 tons of leafy vegetables a year, or 120,000 pieces a day. This would make it Japan's largest facility of its kind.

Clearly they are attempting to be not outdone by Canon USA's little robot..

Read the article here.. 

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