With the launch of their R5/R6 Video class, Canon Masterclass now have courses available for the entire range of Canon’s cinema cameras, from the C200, C300 Mark III, high-end C500 MkII, and the new C70. Each course is over 2 hours long and comprehensively covers the skills required to create professional-quality video and harness the potential of Canon’s cinema sensors.

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Course Content

Each course covers the menus, setup and customization, focus, exposure, white balance, audio, post production and much more. By the end of each Masterclass, you should be as comfortable with the camera as if you had been shooting with it for years, and know how to find quick solutions to the challenges that pop up on every shoot. All courses also come with their popular LUT packs for both Clog2 and Rec709.

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Target Market

Both beginners and experienced shooters can learn from the courses. New shooters will quickly be able to orientate themselves and get high-quality footage out of the box, while more advanced cinematographers, including those coming from other camera systems, can learn about Canon’s unique idiosyncrasies, as well as topics such as vertical video, greenscreen, and matching footage from multiple cameras. The courses are a great way of investing in your career and Canon equipment, and avoid learning by trial-and-error.

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Canon Masterclass founder and Abelcine trainer Rubidium Wu teach every course. He has shot 2 feature films on the Canon Cinema system, 2016’s Brooklyn Tide and the upcoming Devil’s Fortune, as well as dozens of other projects. His Crimson Engine YouTube Channel has become a popular resource for Canon shooters, with hundreds of videos and millions of views on Canon-related subjects and gear.

No matter where you are in your Canon filmmaking career, there has never been a better time to upskill and improve your potential. All courses are now on sale and start at a very economical $95.

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  1. This was an interesting course, specifically designed for newbies to the R5. Well presented and a lot crammed in so while I didnt learn anything new, it is recommended. Canon will (and should) offer this free to new owners of the system. One thing I wish Canon would do is add a red line all the way around the screen when recording video. The red recording button gets lost in all the data, some of which can be turned off I know but its still leading to 'no recording errors'. Anyone else have this on their Wishlist?

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