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Canon Offers Lens Mount Replacement and Sensor Change Services for EOS C700

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Canon Europe has announced two significant specification options for its flagship EOS C700 digital cinema cameras, offering users the option of changing the camera’s original lens mount to either an EF mount with Cinema Lock or to a PL mount (with Cook/i support) and back again, and – for the first time – an option to have the standard sensor replaced with a Global Shutter sensor. Read on to find out more…

The EOS C700 has generated wide anticipation thanks to outstanding 4K video performance and impressive dynamic range. In line with Canon’s policy of continual improvement and offering customers the best possible flexibility, a mount and sensor option has been announced, to be offered via Canon’s network of pro dealers.


The Lens Mount Replacement service allows for an EOS C700 with either an EF mount with Cinema Lock to be changed to a PL mount (with Cook/i support), or a PL mount (with Cook/i support) to be changed to an EF mount with Cinema Lock (enabling the autofocus capability on the standard sensor camera).

Customers will have the option to send their EOS C700 to a Canon Regional Competence Centre (RCC), either directly or via a local Canon Authorised Service Facility (ASF), in order to perform the Lens Mount Replacement Service.

Alternatively, customers will also be able to purchase a PL mount (with Cook/i support) and/or SHIM kit directly for self-installation.

The Canon RCCs are located in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK. If choosing to send the camera to a Canon RCC, the following service options will be available:

  • Mount Replacement Service
    If you choose to purchase a PL mount (with Cook/i support) directly, or would like to revert the camera back to the original mount from a previous mount change, the RCCs will be able perform the mount replacement using your purchased or original Lens Mount.
  • Mount Replacement Service & Mount
    Depending on your requirements, the applicable RCC will supply and install either an EF Mount with Cinema Lock or a PL Mount (with Cook/i support).
  • Mount Replacement Service & Mount & Shim Kit
    Depending on your requirements, the applicable RCC will supply & install either an EF Mount with Cinema Lock mount or a PL mount (with Cook/i support). A SHIM kit will also be supplied for self-installation.

All Lens Mount Replacement services will be available at a fixed price and invoices will be issued in the local currency of the RCC that performs the service. The prices for each service are outlined below:

Labour only: 450 380 4,360
Mount & Labour: 1,400 1,175 13,580
Mount, Labour & SHIM: 1,550 1,300 15,020

Please note: the prices quoted above may be subject to change and exclude VAT and inbound shipping. The prices are inclusive of outbound shipment & Cash On Delivery Surcharges (if applicable).

The Lens Mount Replacement service is expected to be available from March 2017 (however the exact start date is to be announced). This article will be updated at a later date with full details on how to arrange the service (including the confirmed service start date) and customers are requested not to attempt to book their camera until this time.


For the first time, later in 2017 Canon will also be offering a sensor change service, giving customers the option of having the EOS C700’s standard sensor swapped for the Global Shutter sensor.*

Further details relating to this service such as service start date and pricing will be added to this article at a later date.

* Changing to a Global Shutter sensor loses autofocus capability.

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