Canon News discovered a patent application that features a Canon RF 24-80mm f/4.  It's almost a given that like the EF mount, Canon will come out with a f/4 set of zooms for the RF mount, especially since Nikon has already released an f/4 UWA and normal zoom.

Canon RF 24-80mm f/4 patent:

  • Focal length: 24.72mm 48.09mm 82.45mm
  • F number: 4.12 4.12 4.12
  • Half angle of view:  41.19° 24.22° 14.70°
  • Image height: 21.64 21.64 21.64
  • Total lens length: 119.50mm 134.52mm 149.55mm
  • BF: 13.50mm 18.71mm 22.73mm

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