We just went into a long discussion over why reducing heat from IBIS units is a good and absolutely necessary thing for Canon to be looking at, so I think if you need some background, have a go with this patent application here.

Briefly, a good overall point when it comes to image sensors is .. heat is bad. There's a reason why Astro cameras are directly cooled, and that's because the colder the sensor is, the less noise. Therefore it's safe to assume that as the sensor operates, it becomes hotter and image quality degrades.

So Canon (and others) are always looking at ways of improving getting heat from a sensor. Before IBIS, life was easy – you could directly mount the sensor on a big piece of metal that would carry the heat away from the sensor, and life was grand. However, with IBS, that's more difficult because the sensor has to move around.

Much like the other patent here that we describe, this is another attempt at a solution.

In this patent application (2023-157249), Canon uses flexible graphite ribbons to transfer heat from the moving IBIS sensor unit and the camera body. While not as sexy as liquid metal, this certainly could be a good solution. The graphite ribbon assembly in this case is 801, 802, and 803

The 270a is an electrical ribbon cable attached to the sensor. That provides the communication between the sensor and the rest of the camera. Even though it appears as if the two are joined in the above diagram which, to be honest confused me greatly, it doesn't appear that is Canon's intention.

Our 8K monster video machines don't even have to be doing video to generate heat, just using live view and having the sensor continually work will generate quite a bit of heat. Patent applications such as these show that Canon is looking at actively improving the heat capability of our cameras in the future.

As with all patent applications, this may not turn into an actual patent, or show up in a Canon camera. It does give us some ideas though to what Canon is investigating and researching.

Source: Japan Patent Application 2023-157249

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